Flying Home From Philadelphia

PHL-ORD UA549 (no CPU, 2012 tally 3 for 4*)
ORD-IAH CO1676 (CPU, 2012 tally 2 for 2)
IAH-SJC CO1151 (CPU, 2012 tally 3 for 3)

*tally counts in order of upgrade clearance

new routing because i had to stay in philly an extra week. was PHL-ORD-DEN-SJC (for the miles), but alas, it wasn’t available anymore. the good news is that the upgrades cleared right at the 72-hour mark! ugh, being a Premier Exec (err, Premier Gold in the new terminology) is spoiling me!

UPDATE: original routing was PHL-ORD-SJC after my change, but due to continental/united’s DEN travel waiver (snow), i could rebook this flight for free. the only options given on were a 5 AM and a 7 AM flight, neither of which sounded palatable (i’m like 45 minutes from the airport); calling continental didn’t help either since they showed nothing available* except a PHL-IAH-SJC with the first leg operated by us airways (which i didn’t want because no chance of an upgrade). luckily i spied a multi-city option for changing flights on and used it to put together this new routing, which gives me approximately 700 more miles. i may not get upgraded on any of these legs, but i’ll take the 700 miles (+elite bonus) over an upgrade. i’ve lived so long without, i’m not one of those people who can’t fly anything but First (yet).

* i knew they had different pricing, but not necessarily different inventories? yeesh!

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