Flying Home from Philadelphia

PHL-SFO UA308 (no CPU, 2012 tally 5 for 10*)

* i was originally booked on UA447 later in the day and my upgrade cleared over two days out, but i had to downgrade the upgrade because i have an in-cabin pet (which is not allowed in F on 757s). for the tally’s sake, i’m counting this flight as both a flight and an upgrade (making it 5 for 9), but have also added a non-upgraded flight because i did not get upgraded on my new flight (making it 5 for 10).

as a side note, i had to call twice to get downgraded because even after i went back to E+, i was still on the upgrade list and got re-upgraded again. i called again after noticing my F seat during online check-in and the agent mentioned there was one 757 that did have enough underseat clearance in F, but alas, not the one that was going to be flying UA447 on this particular day. (she also exclaimed that she’s never encountered anyone who had to “work so hard to get out of first class — usually it’s the other way around!” *sigh*)

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