Instawalk: Berlin Fast Food

with all this recent news about instagram being acquired by facebook, i decided to check out my instagram history. historically i haven’t been too big of a user, just 240 pictures in about 18 months, but my first real pictures were from my 2010 trip to berlin to see the final Virginia Jetzt! concert. i noticed i took a lot of pictures at schnellimbisse (fast food places), so decided to make an instawalk out of them.

presented with original captions, in the order they were taken:

Döner and apfelschorle. Doesn't get any better than this!

This was my breakfast every school day for two years, except with a regular coke

Currywurst mit pommes, Ketchup und Mayo. A bit too cold for mezzo mix but oh well.

Good call @georgrehm on the döner place in the hackescher hof edeka. Nom!

So not hungry, but forcing down some currywurst lol. Hmm konnopke(?) is better IMHO.

as you can tell from these pictures from just a long weekend, i love me some german fast food!

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