Finally uploaded pictures from Greece

this is my first set of photos where i’m just using picasa to do minor editing. no more slaving away with raw files (which i still have) and photoshop. blech. also, my first real trip with the olympus e-pm1.

a selection is below, the full set of photos is here


Regular legs and Evzone legs

Arch of Hadrian

Arch of Hadrian


Caryatid Porch

Chapel of St. George on Mount Lycabettus

Athens at Sunset


Hosios Loukas Monastery





Sunset off the coast of Oia


Oia at twilight


Tiny boat docked at Therasia


Santorini Shrub

3 Comments on "Finally uploaded pictures from Greece"

  1. Awesome shots!

  2. Gorgeous pics, makes me want to go back to Oia. You might want to add olympus e-pm1 to your tags because I know a lot of people are interested in the technology and it’s nice to see the results.

    Did you figure out what to do about the home stay in Cappadocia?

    • thanks! i’ll add that tag.

      re turkey, no, i haven’t decided. i’ve discovered there’s so much more i want to see in central and eastern turkey, more than i can fit in, so i just might fly up and do kiev + chernobyl instead in that time, and then come back and do more turkey later.

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