Foursquare Mayorships as Travel Inspiration?

a couple of days ago, i got this notice:

losing the mayorship of skukuza airport (which i got a little over a year ago when i went on safari) means i no longer have a mayorship in africa. internationally, i have two hotels in greece (from my last trip), a hotel in japan (from last november), and a hotel in china (from 2010). i know they’re completely trivial, these mayorships, and ultimately just an ego massage, but if you are hung up on where to go, why not let this point you in the right direction? i mean, on some level it’s an indicator of what parts of the world remain relatively unexplored for you. and frankly, in this day and age, if you’re able to get a foursquare mayorship, you’re clearly taking the road less traveled. (btw, here’s my foursquare profile)

for my planned trip to turkey in early september, i am wondering what to do the four days after i leave istanbul. i had wanted to go to cappadocia, but then i discovered lake van¬†and homestay tours in the eastern part of the country (spilling over neighboring kurdish regions) and mount nemrut…way too much for such little time, so i’m going to save those all for another trip another time.

my initial thought was kiev and chernobyl (kiev is less than two hours nonstop from istanbul), but losing this mayorship is making me rethink that. i’m not particularly tied to ukraine (must remember not to call it “the ukraine”, which is disrespectful, says wikitravel), so why not go somewhere in northeast africa?

in any case, i have time to decide. on the one hand, former soviet republic (love love love), on the other, africa and possible ego stroke (can’t complain about either of those!).

same lament as always: too many destinations, too little time (and money).

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