Passport History #traveltuesday #tt

i only have my passports from the time i was 17, and while i have been abroad prior to then, any records of those trips must be at my parents’ (if they still exist at all). in any case, these are the earliest stamps in each of the three passports:

1995: my first trip to Hong Kong (and China), with my parents and brother

2000: London, just out of college, my first trip without parents or chaperones — just me and a friend from high school. when this passport expired, i scanned its pages.

2009: London (and Paris) with another friend who had never been overseas before

while looking through and reminiscing, i noticed the passport photos. in the earliest, i was 17, the latest, 32. ack! (and yes, that jaw surgery i had in 2005 to fix my underbite really did make a difference! most of the time i don’t think i look that different, but given this evidence, i sure do!)

(also, note the gloriousness of taking your own passport photo! so much better than getting it done for $10 somewhere)

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