Capturing the Colo(u)r

thanks to jen pollack bianco of my life’s a trip fame for nominating me for this contest! what’s this all about? is holding a travel photo contest where they want you to submit pictures that exemplify the colors blue, green, yellow, white, and red. here goes:



a slightly faded blue pickup, in front of the blue mediterranean, under a blue sky near the castello aragonese in ischia, italy. this was my last european escapade as a grad student in germany — a classmate and i went to naples and the surrounding area. (july 2007)


Rice Paddy Workers

workers in a very lush green rice paddy near siem reap, cambodia. taken during a backroads ATV tour that ended up being a private one since i was the only one that signed up for that time slot! i had no idea rice farming was such hard (and literally back-breaking) work. (august 2011)



a very yellow sunset in oia, santorini, greece. that island has beautiful sunsets for sure, but not blow-my-underpants-off amazing. *shrug* maybe we went at a bad time of year. (may 2012)


P5280386 retouched

chapel of st. george on lycabettus hill, athens, greece. as you can tell, a storm was a-brewin’! despite the hike to the funicular, this hilltop is the best bet for sweeping views of athens. big thanks to brian gonzaga for his retouching tips. (may 2012)


Taking a Picture

a woman in a kimono takes a picture in front of the vermillion torii at the fushimi inari-taisha near kyoto, japan. i saw her with her camera out, rushed to get out my camera, and happened to snap this photo at the same moment she took one of hers. (november 2011)

i’m supposed to nominate five more people for this contest, but to be honest, i’m pretty crummy socially-speaking in the travel blog arena. so, if you’re reading this and are inspired to enter, let me know and i’ll link to you!


i’m nominating some friends of mine who are amazing photographers (certainly better than i could ever be) and likely would have winning entries:

and these people who i have met over twitter:

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  1. Oh, these are stunning! I particularly like red and white. White was toughest for me, and the stormy sky is amaze balls. Thanks for playing along.

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