End of an Era

five years ago today, i returned from two years studying abroad in germany (i have a masters degree in computational linguistics to show for it). best two years of my life, and full of travel, which was my primary reason for going.

Passport 10-11

From September 2005 to…

Passport L-M

…July 2007.

so. much. fun.

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  1. my brother misses his university too. it was around 5 years ago. However he went back a year later to stay with some friends who were continuing their degree. What’s interesting is that its a completely different environment when you go back. The fond memories are of your time there and then. If you go back to the same town and campus its different!

    My parents met at University like 40 years ago 🙂

    • yeah, i have a feeling it will be like that as well if/when i ever go back. that was definitely the case when i went back to visit where i did my undergrad. :

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