Instawalk: Hickory Run State Park and Boulder Field

for my final adventure today, a coworker (from this part of the state) recommended boulder field in hickory run state park. the best part of this amazing sight (and site) is that you can drive right up to it, albeit on a dusty gravel road.

just be sure to watch your step as you walk across (you’re doing yourself a disservice if you just stay several boulders in). for me, the return trip was much quicker because either you’re a) more confident or b) already trained to spot reliable stones to step on that won’t result in a twisted ankle. one guy brought a tripod and two DSLRs and was all set up waiting for the golden hour — that’s dedication; i barely trusted myself on those rocks with just my iphone!



Boulders! Dash!

#whereistand #nofilter


(i love this last picture)

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