Instawalk: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

free weekend + first weekend of the month = time to get my arts on.

today i decided to go to the pennsylvania academy of the fine arts, a museum i didn’t even know existed until yesterday when i started to do weekend plan research. it may not have the size and scope of its bigger neighbor to the northwest, the philadelphia museum of art (hands down the best museum in the region, imho), but it is definitely worth a visit. it also has quite the history, being the oldest art museum and school in the united states. validated parking in the garage next door is $12 (down from $24), a bit steep, but if you have time you might as well go a couple blocks over to reading terminal market for some food so you’re getting the most for your parking money.

standout exhibits were Dive Deep: Eric Fischl and the Process of Painting (not really my style but halfway through he really started to grow on me, and i loved the whole artistic process angle) and Bill Viola’s Ocean Without a Shore (just be careful going into that dark room; i banged my shin).




This building is amazeballs

"Quest" by William Sergeant Kendall. Wood sculpture.

i had some time afterwards, so i headed on over to the philadelphia museum of art just to see it again. here’s a bonus instagram of my favorite piece there, Marcel Duchamp’s Etant DonĂ©es (WARNING: SPOILER):

My favorite piece in the entire museum (Duchamp)

btw, if you’re hungry around the museum of art, give dasiwa a shot. it’s a combo sushi + korean + cafe place. i hadn’t eaten anything all day and scarfed down enough food for two. friendly service, good food.

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