Summer (aka Frappuccinos from around the world) #frifotos

for better or worse, the proliferation of starbuckses around the globe means i can get my summer frappuccino fix anywhere. also, why do i have so many frappuccino pictures? O_o

Cajeta Frappuccino

cajeta(!!) frappuccino, puerto vallarta, mexico (teehee i love how they spelled my name)

Banana Java Chip Frappuccino and D's Wallet

banana java chip frappuccino, stuttgart, germany

Someone at Starbucks...

green tea frappuccino, berkeley, california

cookies and cream(?) frappuccino? athens, greece

green tea frappuccino and cuttlefish cheese bread (yuck), beijing airport

and unrelated, but for good measure:


a mexican coke at a mexican beach

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