#frifotos — When Work #Treats

i’m lucky that work indulges me every year or two, letting me go on international trips, which i extend to mini-vacations. nothing like having someone else treat you to airfare and local treats (can i get a what-what for per diems?!).

south africa 2011

this was great because it was at a farming trade show in the middle of the country (yes, random) so it was quite authentic food (not shown: a braai and koeksisters). also, it didn’t hurt that i was able to extend the trip with a safari and then amsterdam on the way home.

breakfast: meat pie, waffle, melktert

sosatie rolls

biltong and other goodies

bonus treat! a ride on an A380 from johannesburg to frankfurt. i may have booked this flight on purpose 😉

buenos aires 2010

argentine steak


milan 2008

the only food picture i have from this trip 🙁 (which i also extended to visit friends in germany and a side trip to luxembourg)

Tastes Like Diet

tastes like diet

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