Autoslash slashed my rental car price!

i’ve known about autoslash for a while now, but i think this is only the second time i’ve ever used it, and i’m a convert!

most of us (i’m assuming) shop around for car rental rates, then we make a reservation and never think of it again until we pick up the car (aka set it and forget it). a couple times in the past i’ve rechecked pricing on a booked car on a whim and found cheaper rates (after finding and trying tons of discount codes), but autoslash cuts out the heavy lifting by doing the constant checking for you!

so handy! and it works! you can comparison shop and book through them, but their choice of companies is limited, or book elsewhere and just give ’em your confirmation number and rental details and they’ll take it from there. i only rent cars a handful of times a year, but when i do (and even if work is paying for it, as is the case with this rental), i’ll be sure to have autoslash on the job.

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