On a rooftop overlooking Istanbul

i had the incredible pleasure (thanks to jen pollack bianco for the invite to join) of going on a photo tour led by kemal nuraydın through the back alleys and workshops of istanbul. most of the time i felt like i was trespassing where i didn’t belong, but it was all good with kemal in the lead. ranging from seeing bronzesmiths cast molten bronze to getting inside a tiny wooden mosque hidden in the rafters of the grand bazaar, to the surprise finale below, it was a great half day. the tour was advertised as taking you to places you wouldn’t normally get to go as a tourist and man oh man, he did not fail.

i thought we were heading up to another workshop, but we emerged on this rooftop (like, NOT a rooftop bar, if you fall off you plummet) and my jaw just dropped. large mosques with their minarets, the bosphorus, galata bridge, the golden horn…it was all there underneath a gorgeous sky.

p.s. pictures from the photowalk will be coming once i get them uploaded, whenever that will be.

more about the photowalk and some pictures here!

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