Sertab Erener and the Loss of My Eurovision Virginity

during today’s photowalk we stopped at a nargile place where the wifi password had something to do with the name “erlener” (i think that’s another name for the place or the proprietor’s name?) and i asked the photowalk guide if that was like sertab erener.

which proceeded to blow the random turkish people sitting beside me away with the fact that i knew who she was. an (asian-y looking) american? knows a turkish singer?!? whose europe-wide claim to fame was almost a decade ago?

but yes. how did i know? my first time in turkey was back in 2003, the year in which she won eurovision. at that time, i didn’t know much about ESC other than that it was some corny and cheesy song contest that the europeans do — but that song was being played everywhere. no, i mean EVERYWHERE. you couldn’t escape it. lying on the beach, on the radio in the car, at restaurants…

so thanks to that, i know sertab and i now i  can’t imagine my life without an annual eurovision geekout (#hellagay)!

and, to commemorate my last night in turkey, the song that started it all:


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