Souvlaki in Athens at Kostas

[i recently backed up all my phone pictures to dropbox and came across things i’ve been meaning to post about but never have; this is one of them.]

as a matter of principle, i’m more a fan of döner than souvlaki, but egads, kostas in athens was definitely worth seeking out. located a couple blocks from syntagma square, kostas is beloved by locals (as evidenced by the crowd that was there) and tourists (as evidenced by the guidebook clippings posted on the wall) alike. and for good reason, too. i’m not flowery enough to be a good food reviewer, but it was just so full of flavor from the marinated meat counterbalanced by the yogurt, all wrapped up in a nice warm pita. perhaps the most telling part? i was full but had to have another just because it was so yummy. and all for less than the price of a fancy drink at starbucks!

Kostas is hidden in the urban jungle of downtown athens, but if you look for a line snaking out of a hole in the wall, you’ve found it.

It’s a small place inside, but we managed to snag 3 seats. Don’t blame me if you can’t stop at one souvlaki! Friendly service, too.

and here’s a bonus picture of what was going on at syntagma square. ooh-la-la!

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