#frifotos — Abandoned German Chairs

the majority of these photos were taken in Wagenhallen, an artsy area of Stuttgart. from 72HUA:

It is in fact a defunct locomotive repair hangar from the turn of the 20th century. In the past years it has transformed into Stuttgart’s creative hub. It houses art and design studios, performance and music venues and an organic kitchen. It is a place for creatives of all disciplines to live and work in. The site of the Wagenhallen also includes the wagons now used for living, the junkyard, and a communal garden on the edge of the city cemetery.


Wagenhallen — Comfy?

One End of the Volleyball "Net"

Wagenhallen — Helping to hold up one side of a volleyball “net”

A Little Stage

Wagenhallen — By a Little Stage

Lone Chair

Wagenhallen — Lonely Orange

Discarded Chair

Found in a trash pile near my dorm in Waldhäuser-Ost (aka WHO), Tübingen

Modern Chair

And a bonus chair from Luxembourg!

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