Phlashback: Flaming Sausage at a Fado Club

one in an occasional series of photo flashbacks

four years ago


There’s some sort of fuel (alcohol? I don’t remember, sadly) in the bottom of the ceramic dish that they lit on fire to cook the sausage.

i wish i could remember the name of the fado club we went to in lisbon, but alas, this was before the age of foursquare and me being diligent about keeping track of such things. all i remember was that it was in a cool part of town with a lot of street art and we got there pretty early to get a table, although i’m sure we spent a decent chunk of change in food alone (SO MUCH MEAT), since we had to wait i think nearly two hours before the performance started.

it was a tiny place and anything but fancy (more like a tavern) as you can tell by the well-worn wooden tables, but the food was good and so was the fado (to my untrained ears). i think it was a mostly local crowd, as i recall the performers (there was a man and a woman) only speaking (or most definitely mostly speaking) portuguese.

if anyone recognizes it from the table or dishes, please let me know!

UPDATE: FOUND IT!!! it’s a tasca do chico.

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