Dreamliner Pictures

i can’t rave enough about the new Boeing Dreamliner. while a fellow DOer who shall remain anonymous told me (NSFW), “it’s nothing to c*m over”, it’s definitely at least droolworthy. you can find my whole SMD4 set on flickr, but here are some of my favorites ones of our charter aircraft. i still can’t believe we were able to get one of the two 787s that United owns. amazeballs. flight 1807 flew from SFO to IAH, where we overnighted (and had a great barbecue in a hangar), then on to ORD hella early in the morning.


Parked at Gate 82 at SFO (taken from a sliver of a window at Gate 84)


Much much nicer IFE system

The door has lights!

Raked goodness

and the barbecue:

Deplaning at IAH

Nighttime view

Love the wing and chevrons

and what is it like on a MegaDO charter? muahahahaha…


…and this (my heart goes out to the FAs who more than likely did not know what they were getting into. Kudos to those who were good sports! *ding*)

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