Star MegaDO 4 Haul

this is not exhaustive — i threw a bunch of stuff away since space was limited*, like the bagful of Park Hyatt Zürich marketing stuff.

*i still managed to pack everything into my little carry-on! and thanks to TSA PreCheck, my overabundance of liquids caused by Global First Amenity Kit was not a problem!

in addition to my badge (which is just as cool as the other stuff, IMHO):

i got, from left to right, top to bottom:

  • United Airlines Dreamliner seatback marketing card
  • milepoint/SMD4 shirt
  • United Airlines apron from the Inflight/Catering Tour
  • Menus from the lunch and breakfast on the charter, as well as the menu/agenda for the Inflight/Catering Tour
  • Zürich spatula
  • Star Alliance 15 Year Anniversary pin (the one that looks like a rectangle)
  • Lufthansa 747-8 pin
  • Lufthansa Remove Before Flight fob
  • 2 (expired) two-euro “coins” good for use at an airport shop in FRA
  • Swiss Airlines chocolates plus Remove Before Flight fob
  • ZRH visitor pass
  • GlobalFirst Amenity Kit
  • Lufthansa Terminal A bag
  • United Airlines napkin clip (don’t ask)
  • Gogo luggage handle cozy
  • Special edition SMD4 Rimowa amenity kit (with Livestrong bracelet, onebar samples, and PointsHound redemption card)
  • Inflight/Catering Tour shirt
  • United Airlines duffel bag
  • (oops, not pictured because i forgot it at the bottom of the duffel, a leather United Airlines luggage tag)

and if you’re wondering what’s inside a United Airlines GlobalFirst amenity kit…(i know i would be, since that’s a class i’ll likely never fly in, even in my wildest dreams)

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