A Look Back at 2012

as i sit here half-awake on my last day in Krakow on the last day of the year, i’ve been trying to suss out how i feel about 2012. while compared to 2011 my travels haven’t been so “exotic” or “indie”, no doubt this was a great year.

rather than go chronologically, i think i’d rather group experiences together into themes. so, without further ado, highlights of the last 365 days (with one more day, including new year’s eve in Vienna, to go!):

abandoned and creepy

religious bliss


Hagia Sophia, Turkey


Chora Church, Turkey


got my 99 luftballons on with Nena (after waiting in a downpour) in the middle of nowhere, Germany:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtTUQ5N88_k?rel=0]

and then the next day saw some of my favorite german bands in Hamburg:

the unexpected and crazy

when the train went on a ferry going to Denmark…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2GsBle0_WQ?rel=0]

flying nearly 17,000 miles in a week for the Star Alliance MegaDO 4 (including the Dreamliner!!!)…


Me in Zurich in front of the Swiss A340 that would take us back to SFO

indelible moments

My brother getting married at Lake Tahoe

My brother getting married at Lake Tahoe


My first gay wedding (holla B and L), Toronto


Trying to do a safety demo (Star Alliance MegaDO 4)


Waiting for a Santorini sunset

the sobering


and last but never least (as you can tell by the number of pictures here),



Eating an entire box of Luxemburgerli in one sitting under the surprised gazes of the Swiss café élite

Fischbroetchen, Germany

Fischbrötchen, Germany

Smørrebrød, Denmark

Smørrebrød, Denmark

here’s to even more adventures in the new year!

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