Before Midnight

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Before Midnight, or New Year’s Eve in Vienna

due to some handy-dandy scheduling, i managed to have an overnight layover in Vienna on my way home from Krakow. i knew the city had lots of events going on all over the old center, but i didn’t know it’d be so popular! i just set about wandering like in the movie Before Sunrise.

Storified by jonk· Mon, Dec 31 2012 21:13:40

And so I embark on my Before Sunrise-esque wandering. #beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
Listening to a choir sing the Hallelujah Chorus in German #beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
There is a mass/concert going on at Stephansdom #beforemidnightjonathankhoo
Dance lessons from the Vienna Dance School (Die Wiener Tanzschulen) #beforemidnight Khoo
#beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
There are so many things going on in the city center! #beforemidnight (also, so many people!) Khoo
#beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
Stumbled upon karaoke stage. Brigitte is singing "Que Sera Sera" — audience (incl me) singing along. #beforemidnight Khoo
This looks familiar! #beforesunrise #beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
#beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
Trying to convince myself I don’t want any Sacher-Torte. #beforemidnight (@ Café Sacher w/ 4 others) Khoo
Watching a live performance of Die Fledermaus on a jumbotron in front of the Vienna State Opera #beforemidnight Khoo
Not gonna lie–not a fan of opera. But it’s nice to sit lol. #beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
I think this lady must be famous. Crowd going wild. #diefledermaus #beforemidnightjonathankhoo
Trying to bypass this crappy techno concert but it’s hella crowded. Seriously bad music. #beforemidnight Khoo
#beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
I don’t remember Vienna’s city hall being so breathtaking. #beforemidnight Khoo
#beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
Leaving the craziness of the Silvesterpfad for the quieter MuseumsQuartier. #beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
You couldn’t get away with this in the States. #nsfw #beforemidnight Khoo
#beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
Invader #beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
Random one-off fireworks in distance as I slowly make my way to where the bus picks up for the airport. #beforemidnight Khoo
Not really traditional fare but killing two birds with one stone: craving fulfilled and it’s warm. #beforemidnight Khoo
Prosit Neujahr!!! #beforemidnight (delayed tweet due to tele.ring being overloaded)Jonathan Khoo
No one extravagant fireworks display but tons going on all over the place. Still, almost 20 after. #beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
Fireworks #beforemidnightJonathan Khoo
Fireworks at Stephansplatz #beforemidnightjonathankhoo
The bus driver didn’t have €2 in change so only charged me €5 instead of €8. What a nice way to start the new year. #beforemidnightJonathan Khoo

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