Instawalk: Old Swedes Church

i decided last night i wanted to visit Delaware, having been to pretty much every other state surrounding Philadelphia. there really isn’t much in Wilmington, but this historic church is definitely worth a visit if you’re passing through. (the only other thing i did in Wilmington was loiter around the Amtrak station so i could see an Acela train firsthand for the first time — sufficiently impressed, at least from the outside. imho it doesn’t count as high-speed rail.)

the Old Swedes Church is “the oldest church in the United States standing as originally built and still in use as a house of worship”, dating from the end of the 17th century. fast forward to the 21st century and it’s not in the best of neighborhoods, but still, it’s great to see extant architecture from that time.

The oldest church in the US still in orig location and used as house of worship.


The graffiti on these doors date back up to 300 years.

Stained glass

Fallen rose


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