Instawalk: #SFphotohunt

this morning i had to decide between participating in the 2013 No-Pants Subway Ride or the #SFphotohunt Instawalk and Talk. it was a very difficult decision — the former would require no brain cells (and having gone to bed at 3 AM the night before, i had none to spare), but it was ridiculously cold to be out without pants on. ultimately i decided to take part in the photohunt since i did No-Pants three years ago¬†and i thought it’d be nice to flex the creative part of my brain which has long atrophied.

i didn’t have any expectations of coming close to winning (and sure enough i didn’t), but i had a great (if not exhausting) time running around downtown San Francisco finding photos for the scavenger hunt. here’s what i snapped for each challenge:

Hard boiled #sfphotohunt

“Hard boiled: Portrait of a tough guy”

Taken for a ride #cablecar #muni #sfphotohunt

“Taken for a Ride: How’s MUNI looking today?”

(Stop in the name of) The Law #sfphotohunt

“The Law: SF’s finest in action” (do you know how hard it was to find a cop?)

Kisser #sfphotohunt

“Kisser: Let’s a see a set of luscious lips”

Hello stranger #sfphotohunt

“Hello Stranger: Someone you’ve never met”

what was reinforced today was the fact that i do not have the balls for street photography. the majority of the winners interacted with their subjects, or at least got close. these i captured from a distance or while walking by. in any case, something i need to work on!

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