The Case of the Chinese Visa and WAIT! THAT’S NOT ME!

while taking part in today’s #JSETT twitter chat, i was reminded of a little (ok, pretty big) snafu that happened two and a half years ago where a trip almost had to be entirely called off.

here’s a timeline of events:

Wednesday, May 5

Thursday, May 6

Friday, May 7

side note: while waiting in line, i got a notification from starbucks saying they couldn’t auto-reload my card due to insufficient funds. turns out someone identity thefted me and my account was, iirc, -$1000 or so. i managed to call the bank and they were going to fix it, but they had to cancel my debit card and the funds could not be replaced immediately, so i was cashless. yes. about to leave for an overseas trip with no money in the checking account, linked savings drained due to overdraft protection.  my other (main) savings account is at an online institution so it’d take days to transfer the money over. my brother offered to withdraw money for me but i don’t remember why i declined. silly move, but oh well. spoiler: got a cash advance on a credit card at the airport, enough to pay for cab to the hotel. parents paid for all other expenses (which is why, as a grown man, i still like to travel with my parents, $0 checking account balance or not).

I was finally on my way. With my passport.

Sunday, May 9

the rest of the trip went really well, without incident. the moral of the story is, and it’s something i’m keeping in the forefront of my mind as i go sometime next week to pick up my passport from Brazilian Consulate, check your passport and visa before you exit the building!  (and, of course, Murphy’s law!)

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