Instawalk: The Abandoned Diner

today was a day of abandonment, and when my first stop turned out to be a dud, i was left scratching my head on how to fill some now-available hours of the day before dinner. and foursquare to the rescue. i accidentally discovered its utility last summer when i was at the Jersey Shore and it offered me the Jersey Shore house (which i didn’t know was there) as a check-in spot.

so i searched for “abandoned” and it offered up several options. a couple of those were duds as well (there was a “creepy abandoned high school” that turned out to be a house; i’m assuming it was a halloween thing), but i did see “abandoned diner“. i was intrigued.

i don’t know if it’s on anyone’s radar, but it should be. it’s right off of a fairly major highway. i wasn’t going to attempt to find an entrance to check out the inside, but i umm, noticed there well, wasn’t  front door. so of course i invited myself in.


Abandoned diner




Over the bar and into the back

Radiator in the bathroom

Old-fashioned towel roll dispenser thingy

Phone booth seat

So glorious

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  1. i cannot figure out what dinner this is. i have photographed several, but never from the inside. i think its time to take a trip back to them again to full fill my curiosity of which dinner this is

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