Protip: Book Your Burj Khalifa Tickets Early

i finally got around to checking out the Burj Khalifa website for my visit at the end of next week. i never really thought about when during the day i would visit but because the advance purchase price is so much cheaper (AED 125, or ~$34 vs AED 400 or ~$109 at the door) i was pretty much forced to pick a time. my original thought was to go around sunset/dusk, but even nearly two weeks ahead during what i imagine is a moderately-popular tourist season, the entire afternoon and early evening were sold out.


according to The Internet it would be completely dark (astronomical twilight, as i understand it) by 7:34 PM that day, so forget evening. i had also heard that lately it’s quite foggy, so an early morning sunrise picture would not be wise, either. i ended up booking a 10:00 slot, though if i see that mornings are clear once i get there, i may splurge and get a sunrise ticket if they’re still available. note that there are some TripAdivsor reviews that say it can get completely sold out a couple days beforehand, so book early!

by the way, there is a AED 5 booking fee (i think per ticket? not sure, since it’s just me) as well, and they accept Visa, MasterCard, and JCB. no American Express.

UPDATE: for some reason, the ticket booking shows up in my online banking as a pot dispensary. (i called and the representative said something about descriptions being user-editable but i didn’t edit it; i guess i don’t understand how the description system works, but you can see the original description online if you click a couple buttons.)


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