Sutro Baths

i finally got around to exploring a local (i.e., Bay Area) site i’ve always wanted to visit — Sutro Baths. the TL;DR for that wikipedia article: the abandoned site of a private baths that burned down and is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. i don’t know why i never visited when i lived in that area (just a couple miles away) over a decade ago, but better late than never.

there’s easy parking on either side of Point Lobos Avenue directly to the east of the ruins. make your way down via an easy trail from the Lands End Visitors Center. from what i can tell, there are no signs that say you can’t climb this or that. however, there are posted warnings that people have been swept away, but if you’re feeling sure-footed, the site is pretty much all yours except for certain areas closed off due to wildlife preservation. there can be quite a number of tourists and local joggers, but (at least based on my visit) you still can find secluded spots if you go off the beaten track.

Don't know why I never came here when I lived in the neighborhood (over decade ago)

Sutro Baths Pano

all my photos can be found on flickr — a selection follows:


Looking north from a high point on the south end


Seabirds running away from the incoming tide




Hidden beach cranny


Spent a little too much time down here on the beach. The tide was coming in fast and I was the only one around. Made it out before my shoes got wet, though!


Don’t forget to go through the cave tunnel. I won’t ruin what you’ll find.


Old stairs (off limits); the tunnel entrance is visible on the right.


Seal Rocks (seal-less)

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