The Bánh Mì Döner Kebab

my aibnb is located just down an alleyway whose entrance also the home of a little yellow cart that sells döner kebabs. BUT IN BANH MI FORM. i’m a little skeptical of food carts, but curiosity got the better of me (bolstered by the fact that there were two other people in line), so i went down and got one for dinner.

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i love that she uses the standard Döner Kebab picture 😛


in any case, i think other than the fact that the meat is cooked on a spit, there’s pretty much nothing döner-y about it. believe it or not, there’s a paragraph in wikipedia about this (tasty!) frankenstein. excerpt:

First of all, pork is used instead of beef and lamb. Second, the meat is served in a Vietnamese baguette, which is widely available in Vietnam. Thirdly, the meat is topped with sour vegetables and chili sauce.

in my case, there wasn’t a lot of meat but there was a tiny base of daikon and red cabbage, and it was topped with ONE vegetable (a long thin slice of cucumber), ONE leaf of lettuce, the chili sauce (not too spicy, but a nice kick and slightly sweet), as well as what appeared to be runny mayo. and yes, she had the exact same preparation for the two locals that were in line before me so i’m sure she wasn’t making a “tourist version”. but you know what, it was really tasty and for 20,000 dong ($0.96), it certainly makes for a satisfying snack or light meal. it’s not as large or filling as a “real” döner, but i’ll probably get another one before i leave.

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