Fjord Every Stream — Norway in a Nutshell

i’ve posted pictures from my two days in Norway to flickr but had to write a little post urging y’all to make sure to see the fjords at least once in your lives. yes, Norway is pricey. yes, Norway in a Nutshell is pricey. but yes, it’s so worth it especially if your time is limited and you don’t mind being handheld with a bunch of other sightseers. i went in the middle of May; i can only imagine how great it would look in another 4-6 weeks once the trees get a little more foliage. on the flip side, though, it will be quite a bit busier. whichever season you decide to go in, though, i know you won’t be disappointed.

sidebar the fjords are now the second item on my “i never thought i’d enjoy this splurge as much as did and now am convinced everyone should do it at least once” list. first? an African safari.

there are several different Norway in a Nutshell routes, but this is how i did it (with the extra time in Flåm as i discussed in an earlier post):

Departure from Arrival to
08:40 Bergen 09:54 Voss – The Bergen Railway
10:00 Voss 11:10 Gudvangen – Bus
11:45 Gudvangen 14:10 Flåm – Fjord cruise
17:25 Flåm 18:17 Myrdal – The Flam Railway
18:39 Myrdal 20:40 Bergen – The Bergen Railway

some selected pictures, though pictures can never do these landscapes justice:


Bergen at dusk from the top of the Fløibanen


Hairpin turns on the Stalheimskleiva (taken from the bus, hence the reflection in the window)


On the bus ride




Kjosfossen, a stop on the Flåm Railway


Village on a Fjordbank (is that a word?)


Flåm Railway

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