Instawalk: Fløyen

i’m in Bergen, Norway, now, and i wanted to stay up at the top of the Fløibanen funicular (on the mountain Fløyen) until the golden hour but i completely misjudged and got there way too early (around 8:30, though i knew sunset wasn’t until 10:05 pm). i ended up leaving on the 10 pm funicular run because it was way too cold and i have work to do :(. which, you know, is fine, because i was originally supposed to come with my parents on this trip (but they’re in Paris), so chances are high that i will have a second chance to give it another shot. (get it? shot? picture? ok n/m)

it’s also OK because in that hour and a half i had plenty of time to walk around the area and explore. it’s a hub for hiking trails further into the mountains or back down to the city center (as well as a couple playgrounds and a souvenir kiosk and a full-service restaurant).

(they really love their trolls…me, not so much)

A troll(?) welcoming kids to a nightmarish (to me) playground on a mountaintop

Rest hut 2


Waiting for sunset. And freezing. Yet having ice cream. Because Daim.

Trolls on trunks

Trolls behind rocks. Also, this bridge is scary to walk on!

It's actually a lot brighter than this but I can't stay any longer :/

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