Nor(high)way Robbery — Fair Warning!

i didn’t find out until it was too late, but let this be your fair warning: expect to pay two to three times expected prices (i.e., compared to other countries) when in Norway. (on a positive note, if you’re short on cash, debit/credit cards are widely accepted; American Express limited, but give it a shot.) i think this is turning out to be the most expensive country i’ve ever visited, topping Switzerland and Japan.

which makes this look like a great deal! (btw, i highly highly recommend Pingvinen in Bergen. delish, and as i now know, a steal!)

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  1. I think all the Scandinavian countries charge VAT on food and drink, which most countries don’t! they used to joke here that it was the most expensive place in Europe, but these days plenty of countries are in a similar place in their capitals 😉 in the 90’s though they were much more than central Europe!

    • ack, even VAT should be maybe a 40% increase, not a 200%? lol. when i was flying over here a friend was telling me about how expensive it was in Oslo, but i thought eh, i’m not going there, i’ll be fine. ha!

      yeah, leaving for Riga tomorrow, hoping it’s better there!

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