The Most Special I’ve Felt From an Airline Social Media Account

we all know that @united (my primary carrier) is playing catch-up to the likes of @americanair and @deltaassist, so i’m not really used to a lot of lovin’ from airline social media accounts. so when i saw this come through from @lufthansa_usa, i was pleasantly surprised! i only fly them a couple times a year, but it’s nice to know i’m appreciated as a customer (and twitter follower).


at first i thought oh well, that’s nice, they probably just photoshopped my twitter handle onto one of a handful of photos of employees holding up signs, but looking at the set page, it seems like they actually printed out individual signs and each picture is unique! (either that or i’m easily fooled by photoshop trickery. either way, it’s a very nice gesture.)

my turn to return the thanks. i’m especially grateful for:

  • the op-up i had on my last flight of theirs
  • for hosting us in Frankfurt on the last Star Alliance MegaDO
  • the Senator Lounge at IAD
  • for being the only airline so far on which i’ve flown an A380 (twice, JNB-FRA, FRA-SFO), though this will change as i’m slated to be on Thai, Singapore, and Air France ones later this year
  • and the only time i’ve been on an A300 (FRA-CAI-FRA), a distinction of theirs that i don’t expect to change with A300s disappearing from service

also, was ich sagen will ist einfach…danke.

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