Prioritizing Travel Based On Cash-In-Hand

this tweet got me to thinking:


i had my leftover currency thrown haphazardly into three ziploc baggies, and i figured it was about time to get organized. (see related posts below for previous thoughts on this matter.)

after organizing everything into individual envelopes, it turns out i have 21 different currencies (including subway cards with value). i didn’t realize i had so much of certain ones. should i make those countries a priority to travel to again (like revisiting countries that i spent a small fortune in visas for)? or exchange them back to dollars? (of course, i like the first option the best!)

top contenders

  • Chile: $53.67 (excuse: this was a workation; had to work more than i thought)
  • Ukraine: $31.45 (excuse: had to rush to airport after Chernobyl tour, withdrew more than enough just in case)
  • Sweden: $22.66 (excuse: didn’t know how much i’d need for my Eurovision weekend)
  • Norway: $22.41 (excuse: that place is just hella expensive!)
  • Vietnam: $14.23 (excuse: i went straight from a tour to the airport; wasn’t sure how much i’d need that day)

what about the ones where i have virtually nothing? are they worth saving as souvenirs, or should i package all currencies i have less than $5 of and drop them off in one of those donation boxes at airports or onboard certain flights?

bottom of the bunch

  • Cambodia: $0.07
  • South Africa: $0.20
  • South Korea: $0.54
  • Japan: $0.59
  • Hong Kong: $0.77


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5 Comments on "Prioritizing Travel Based On Cash-In-Hand"

  1. Wandering Aramean | July 23, 2013 at 6:12 am | Reply

    None of those balances are enough to drive a vacation IMO. I have one or two where the number is much higher, either due to bad exchange rate calculation on my part or unexpected changes in my travel plans once I got there. Fortunately the country I have the most from – Brazil – is one I’ll be visiting twice in the next 6 weeks so I have an opportunity to spend a bit.

    • Ahh nice! I just feel bad because I have over $200 sitting here doing nothing. I’ll be going back to Chile this fall though to use up my cash and put my visa to more use.

  2. I like to keep a little bit of currency from everywhere I travel … there is a big bowl on my coffee table. The younger ones love to get currency from other places (even if it is not worth much of anyone) as well.

    • oh that’s cool! i discovered some franc and lira coins from our first family trip to europe this weekend cleaning out a cupboard at my parents’. they definitely make great souvenirs!

  3. I will choose Vietnam for my next destination in this October. Thank you for sharing valuable information 🙂

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