An Attempt at Analog — Budapest and Bratislava. Film Fail?

to sum it up, i’ve been having camera conniptions — i am not in love with my current digital camera (the Olympus E-PM1) although i am quite fond of its size. every now and then i get the (what i think is) bright idea to give up and revert to an analog camera. but truth is, despite however artsy or lomo-y the pictures may or may not turn out, a digital camera definitely produces much more pleasing results.

a while back, my rule used to be “analog for places i’ve been to before.” it’s been a while since i’ve revisited a place, but my Budapest (and Bratislava, though that was a new city) trip fell into this category and given my frustrations with digital, i took along my LC-A. the full set is here, but some selected shots below. i’m not happy with the way they turned out (so grainy, though this is typical in my experience with this camera).








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