#frifotos — Roadtrippin’

i’ve never considered myself a fan of roadtrips, but as i’m looking through my pictures, there’s some pretty cool shit in some pretty random places.

Tree, Multiple Exposure

Double-exposure with my Holga, somewhere in rural North Dakota

Geographic(al) Center of North America

From that North Dakota trip


My parents visited me when I was a student in Germany and we did the Romantic Road (what’s that?)


Taken with my LC-A on one of many trips between the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Grazing Cattle and Horses

Trip out to the Northern California countryside

Lighthouse 2

Trip to the coast south of San Francisco (Pigeon Point Lighthouse). Taken with my Holga.


A trip to Amish country

Abandoned panorama

And y’all know I’ll drive anywhere for abandonment! (this is the Rutherfurd-Stuyvesant Estate)

Oops I think I drove too far. #uturn

My favorite part of my most recent big road trip — through Qatar — discovering I’ve probably driven too far.

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