#frifotos — Roadtrippin’

i’ve never considered myself a fan of roadtrips, but as i’m looking through my pictures, there’s some pretty cool shit in some pretty random places.

Tree, Multiple Exposure

Double-exposure with my Holga, somewhere in rural North Dakota

From that North Dakota trip

My parents visited me when I was a student in Germany and we did the Romantic Road (what’s that?)

Taken with my LC-A on one of many trips between the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Trip out to the Northern California countryside

Trip to the coast south of San Francisco (Pigeon Point Lighthouse). Taken with my Holga.

A trip to Amish country

And y’all know I’ll drive anywhere for abandonment! (this is the Rutherfurd-Stuyvesant Estate)

My favorite part of my most recent big road trip — through Qatar — discovering I’ve probably driven too far.

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