Instawalk — Városliget (City Park), Budapest

yes, it’s touristy, but it’s a great green space to walk around and get lost in a mental reverie of a time long gone, even if you don’t go into any of the buildings. IMHO the best way to reach the park is to walk the length of Andrássy út as part of a half-day walking tour, but if you’re feeling lazy or want to revisit, just take the M1 metro down to the Széchenyi fürdő stop.

Just taking a peek inside! I seem to remember this foyer being bigger.

Looking up into the dome of Széchenyi Bath


Across the pond toward Vajdahunyad Castle


Tympanum of the Romanesque replica of the Portal of the Church of Jak


Gothic section of Vajdahunyad Castle


Statue of Anonymus, the anonymous chronicler of a slice of 12th/13th century Hungarian history

there’s a deck surrounding part of the pond and if you’re lucky you can sit and relax in one for a bit.

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