Booked Flights for the Middle East Summer DO

a while back @jamucsb aka Points Summary┬áposted information on an informal Summer DO in the Middle East. i finally got around to booking the ticket now that my 50,000 mile bonus posted from the Explorer Card (i burn them so fast i didn’t have enough to book this trip until now).

the best part is, thanks to the (IMHO) odd scheduling, i’ll be able to spend a couple days in Addis Ababa (on my short list) (now Jordan; see Update 2 below) before heading on to Dubai (redeeming the same amount of miles as if i were to go to Dubai only). i’ll also be able to fly on Ethiopian, getting me closer to my goal of flying on all of the Star Alliance airlines. unfortunately it won’t be on their Dreamliner (which they operate quite often ADD-DXB) due to the timing of this flight but oh well (if you’re wondering, it’s scheduled to be a 777).

hope to see some of y’all there at the DO!

p.s. i’ve always wanted to try Turkish long-haul as well — now’s my chance!

UPDATE: looks like Addis Ababa is in the middle of the rainy season (and by rainy it apparently means hella pouring) at that time, so i’m looking at alternatives…(ideas?)

UPDATE 2: welp, after reading what everyone has said about Ethiopia during the monsoon season (= DON’T), i’ve changed it so i have two full days in Jordan, so i’ll be able to see Petra. unfortunately the flight from Amman to Dubai is Amman to Cairo to Doha to Dubai, with 3.5 hours in Cairo and 6 hours in Doha. ugh. as it stands, no more Ethiopian, but i’ll still get my new Star Alliance airline in via Egyptair. there is a direct flight from Cairo to Dubai but it appears there are no available award seats in any class (i’ve set an alert in ExpertFlyer).

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