I Just Made United 1K. Now What?

i’ve been slowly but surely making my way up the United elite ladder. earlier this month i flew my 100,000th Star Alliance mile of the year and received my credentials sometime in the past two weeks while i was away in Philadelphia for work.

the question now is, what about next year? after the introduction of minimum spend requirements (Premier Qualifying Dollars, or PQD), there is no way i will make 1K ever again unless i somehow magically discover a money tree. the deal is you have to spend on average 10 cents per mile not including taxes and some other charges (so, your $500 ticket won’t give you $500 in qualifying dollars). i made 1K on mostly (i estimate 85-90%) personal spend, and i try not to spend more than 6 cents per mile including those taxes. without going into the ins and outs of the requirements, it will likely be pretty hard for me to keep up the amount of travel i do and spend the amount i’m willing to spend to qualify for anything other than Gold next year.

that doesn’t mean i have no options, though. i can:

i’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and i think this is what i’mma do, unless someone gifts me a money tree:

anyone have any other suggestions?

and, as a bonus for getting this far down in the post, i’m having a little giveaway. tweet at me or send me an email at jonk at jonk . org. the first two (by either method) will each receive five United beverage vouchers good for one alcoholic beverage each (i’ll send them by snail mail) — i don’t drink so they’re lost on me. 🙂 [update: they expire 1/31/2015, are good only for in-flight beverages, and one set is already taken!] all gone 🙁

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