Lounge Shower Review: United Club at HKG

update: i’ve been informed that there is a shower in the Thai lounge — someone give that a shot and lemme know!

this is the only Star Alliance lounge at Hong Kong International that has a shower, so here i went despite being on a Singapore flight departing from the other end of the terminal. (the lounge has surprisingly good food for a United lounge! be sure to wander around since the various food and beverage bars are located throughout.)

ease of access and location: the lounge itself is located up the escalators near Gate 61 (make a U-turn when you get upstairs). surrender your boarding pass at reception and they’ll show you to a shower room. i was there around 7:30 PM and there was no wait (also, not many people in the lounge in general).


i got placed in the shower right at the T-junction in the hallways. i’m not sure if it this was supposed to be an ADA/wheelchair-accessible shower room or not since that would explain the extra sink with legroom on the right and the extra-tall toilet seat (p.s. you need to muster up the strength of Paul Bunyan to fully operate the flush handle), but there were no handrails in the shower, which i thought would have been a requirement?

i used the stool in the lower right of the picture above as a luggage stand (or maybe it is a luggage stand?) but there could have been a bit more usable shelf space. i used the one hook by the door and the empty towel rack to hang up my clothes.

the goods: generic hand soap, shampoo, and body wash in pump dispensers — pretty decent products as far as i could tell, but then again, i’m not really picky. there were some amenities located near the sink: toothbrush set, comb, q-tips and cotton pads, and a shower cap. there was also a fold-down diaper changing table.


not found: hair dryer, but both a HK/UK-style outlet as well as a US/EU combo 110V outlet and a US/EU 220V outlet. oh, no lotion either.

two very industrial bath-sized towels, one folded on the floor as a mat (which i unfolded to give myself more towel room).

shower: quite roomy, but no door means you have to be careful lest you cause a minor flood outside.


while there was both an overhead shower head as well as a handheld one, water came out of both without any means to switch to one or the other. the top button/knob control was loose and spun around with no effect (you can see it’s askew in the picture above), and depressing it and pulling it out made the water to the wall-mounted shower head vary only slightly in pressure. if you’re stuck in this shower and don’t use the handheld, you may want to turn the spray as far to the corner as possible to prevent splashing of water to the outside.

water pressure (despite feeding two output streams) and temperature were excellent.

cleanliness and state of facilities: well, it’s definitely newer than the United lounge at Narita, but it could use a little sprucing up, especially that broken top knob doohickey. certainly no major complaints in the room itself. the shower seemed clean enough, and while i did see a hair in the sink when i got out of the shower, it very well could have been mine lol. the trash was not emptied after the last person, but i guess i can live with that.

by the way, the air conditioning in this shower room was one of the best i’ve ever been in. normally i work up a sweat getting dressed and brushing my teeth, but this time, easy, breezy, beautiful.

overall rating: 3.5 out of 5. keeping it shy of 4 is the slight lack of counter room and the broken water output selector (i’m assuming that’s what it is). i definitely appreciated the amenities and the roominess of the shower itself.

Your intrepid shower reviewer

Your intrepid shower reviewer

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  1. Wandering Aramean | October 8, 2013 at 3:33 pm | Reply

    Mentioned this to you on Twitter as well, but the TG lounge in HKG also has a shower.

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