Dan Brown’s Infernal Inferno Climax Location — Duh! [spoilers]

i’m a big fan of the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown (you may know him best from The Da Vinci Code) and found out there’s a new book in the series, Inferno, that was released earlier this year. faced with a drive from the Bay Area down to Los Angeles and back (~6 hours each way) for the holidays, i was pleased to find that it was available as downloadable audiobook from my local public library. (just be warned, it’s 17 hours long, so more than a round-trip drive to LA!)

sidebar i hardly ever purchase books if i can help it. i usually borrow ebooks for my Kindle via Overdrive. why spend money on something i’ll use only once, only to sit on a shelf and gather dust afterwards?

warning, spoilers begin here

i was actually quite glad Langdon finally made it to an Islamic country, even if only for a portion of a book. i think the symbology of Islam is just as fascinating than Christian ones (as far as i know). my only beef, though, was that Langdon had been to Istanbul at least once, but did not know about the Basilica Cistern. maybe it’s just because i was just there a little over a year ago and Istanbul turned out to be one of my favorite cities, but it was the first image that popped into my head when Brown was describing the Zobrist video. that Langdon went to the Hagia Sophia but not the Cistern (and presumably never heard about the place) even though it’s right next door and very popular with tourists…hm. boo! guess he’s too good for it!

i mean, really. they should consult me next time instead of this Harvard professor 😛


Basilica Cistern

and i saw this coming!


One of the Medusas

in any case, if you’ve never been to Istanbul, it should be very high on your list. hopefully interest in the country has and will continue to increase due to this book (as i’m sure it has for Rome and Paris and other previous locations).

i’ll leave you with a couple pictures of other event locations in Istanbul:

Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge with the New Mosque to the right


Hagia Sophia from the second floor

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