Pictures from Israel Are Up

this is my first big set with my Sony RX 100 II that i got for Christmas. i think they’re better than my old Olympus E-PM1 and certainly (even more) portable, which i enjoy. i think for sure it does better in low light, which you can see in the first picture below. more on flickr; pictures are straight out of the camera.


Church of the Nativity (the Greek Orthodox Basilica of the Nativity)


Old Jerusalem


Western / Wailing Wall


Dome of the Chain, Temple Mount


Heading up to Mount Tabor, with the town of Daburiya at its base


Abandoned structure on Mount Tabor


Sea of Galilee in the morning hours


Church of the Twelve Apostles (or Seven Apostles, depending on the source?!), Capernaum, Sea of Galilee


Street Market, Jaffa, Tel Aviv


i just realized how close that one photo of the Sea of Galilee is to photos that i took on my phone. not bad for a phone camera (iphone 5s) vs. a $700 actual camera, though of course each has its place.

Straight from the camera

Straight from the phone

With auto-enhance on

With auto-enhance on

With a VSCOcam filter applied

With a VSCOcam filter applied

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