Pick of the Litter: Added Some Photos to 500px

while i do enjoy taking pictures, i don’t fancy myself much of a photographer and am never quite sure what to do with all the photos i’ve taken on my trips. for the past couple of years i’ve been too lazy to postprocess any of my shots, so they just pretty much all get dumped up to Flickr straight from the camera. a while back, though, i signed up for a 500px account and added some photos and forgot about it. it languished for months but i was recently reminded of the site.

500px is the self-styled “Premier Photography Community” and i’ve been way too intimidated by the quality of the photography on there to participate but i figured what’s the worst that can happen? i get no likes. the end. no skin off my back, right?

so, i  picked some photos i thought were good, ran ’em through the ol’ Photoshop, and uploaded. the response so far has been quite overwhelming for me — i didn’t expect any favoriting or comments but so far two photos [sunset and weaver] have reached Upcoming status and one [the tunnel] has passed Upcoming to Popular! not bad for a total amateur, if i don’t say so myself! (p.s. if those are easy levels to achieve, don’t tell me and let me continue basking in my imagined glory.)

here are the photos i uploaded in this batch (many of which you probably saw before on this blog, though unretouched), and i guess i’ll keep using 500px as a sort of showcase of some of my favorite (or best?) pictures.

About to dive by jonk on 500px.com

About to dive (near Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Kinkaku-ji by jonk on 500px.com

Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto, Japan

Torii by jonk on 500px.com

Torii, Fushimi Inari-taisha, Kyoto, Japan

Temple by jonk on 500px.com

Temple, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Incense by jonk on 500px.com

Incense, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Fjord by jonk on 500px.com

Fjord, Norway

Staircase by jonk on 500px.com

Staircase, Riga, Latvia

Cemetery by jonk on 500px.com

Cemetery, Riga, Latvia

Tunnel by jonk on 500px.com

Tunnel, Elbtunnel, Hamburg, Germany

Altar by jonk on 500px.com

Altar, Hosios Loukas, Greece

Dyed by jonk on 500px.com

Dyed, Istanbul, Turkey

Weaver by jonk on 500px.com

Weaver, Istanbul, Turkey

Beds by jonk on 500px.com

Beds, near Chernobyl, Ukraine

Car by jonk on 500px.com

Car, Kiev, Ukraine

Gas Masks by jonk on 500px.com

Gas Masks, Pripyat (near Chernobyl), Ukraine

Hug by jonk on 500px.com

Hug, Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon Circular Train by jonk on 500px.com

Yangon Circular Train, Yangon, Myanmar

Window by jonk on 500px.com

Window, Yangon Circular Train, Yangon, Myanmar

Bagan Sunset by jonk on 500px.com

Bagan Sunset, Bagan, Myanmar

2 Comments on "Pick of the Litter: Added Some Photos to 500px"

  1. Tunnel and Dyed are pretty good! I photograph with m43 as well (both Olympus & Panasonic). Your flickr sets are quite interesting, but as you said, you uploaded everything for some sets. 🙂

    Yangon is a place that I was interested in seeing, your photos are interesting. If you just remove (just change privacy level for example) some of the photos that are very similar, crop and straighten anything that’s needed you’ll have excellent sets! I used to upload a lot, but I became more selective and although I keep photos that are ok, but not very interesting, I don’t post them for others. I’m wary of viewer fatigue (even if it’s just friends & family)

    Since there are so many photos on Flickr, you’d need tags (city name, train or whatever it is) to have more views, besides posting to groups. I don’t do this kind of competitive flickr stuff, but you could submit your best photos.

    • Haha yeah I know a very simple selection of photos and even a quick run-through in Lightroom would solve a lot of problems. I just need to find the time to do even that! Lol. Well, hopefully I can get myself to do it for upcoming trips!

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