Finding Inspiration and Truth in Marketing Slogans (aka My Motto For the Year)

disclaimer i have no affiliation with Citibank, other than i want to give their marketing team a round of applause.

i’ve been seeing this Citibank slogan around Buenos Aires and i really took it to heart. i’m not prone to philosophy or pondering the human condition, but i’ve always been a firm believer that the meaning of life is to experience as much as you can, regardless of whether it’s in your own backyard, a new part of the globe, or, in my case right now, revisiting a city you haven’t been to in years.

i think the more we experience, the more we grow as human beings, and we simultaneously discover more about ourselves in the process. it’s what we’ll remember when we look back on our lives, and it’s how we make connections with other people and the world that surrounds us all as well.


i’ll be the first to admit that many nights i just want to sit at home and watch Law & Order, but i think keeping this slogan in mind will help spur me on to want “do” more, to experience more. and yes, i’m grateful every day that i have been able to experience so much of this planet — and at the same time i’m humbled because i know there’s so much more out there.

i found a video for this ad campaign, and while i’m doubtful some of those vignettes are typical (who rides a bike carrying balloons? wait, never mind, i don’t want to know.), the point is clear: get out there and make some experiences! (just forget the fact that the message was brought to you by a large multinational financial conglomerate.)

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