Instawalk: A Morning Stroll in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

San Telmo was one of the places i didn’t get a chance to visit last time i was in Buenos Aires — nearly four years ago — so i decided to go down there early this morning before i had to start work. it’s a really cute neighborhood (IMHO a step up from the flashy and overly-touristy La Boca, though not as colorful), and in the early morning hours was still tranquil. something i remember from 2010 was the great street art around town, and i’m happy to say (i may be one of the few who are happy about it) the city’s still got it!

sidebar: getting there i took Subte Line C to Independencia and walked east six blocks to Bolivar, made a right and continued south for a couple blocks until i hit the market. from there, i just wandered around. at the southern end of the neighborhood is the large Av San Juan, which if you walk west, will connect you back up to Line C at Av 9 de Julio.

Taking the Subte (subway) down. (My subway card from 2010 with one ride left still worked!)

There are loads of old, yet (and?) nicely-decorated, buildings in this neighborhood.

And lots of street art (which, as you can tell, I have a fascination with).

Antique store in the San Telmo Market, a large public market that was not yet open for business for the day. (But I went in and took a look around anyways.)

Setting up a fruit stand

And the butcher next door

Yes, kinda creepy, but I appreciate the skill — and the colors!

Iglesia de San Pedro González Telmo, aka Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Belén

Poder Latino

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