Good Things Come To Those Who Click On United Banner Ads

i’m not one to look at banner ads (i’ve been around this internet block too many times to even notice them anymore), but i’m glad i did lately on the homepage:


from what i could find on FlyerTalk, it’s a targeted promotion but i never seemed to have gotten an email about it — the only way i found out about it was via the banner ad.

i’m glad it caught my eye, though! a free Regional Premier Upgrade or two Club passes (i chose the upgrade)! and bonus miles on roundtrips in higher fare classes, which definitely aren’t me, so that’s not as important.

moral of the story: keep an eye on those banner ads on! this particular ad comes and goes for me — if i refresh often enough it will come back, even though i’ve already registered for it. i don’t know who it’s targeted to, but it wouldn’t hurt to go to the United website and reload it a couple times. you never know what you’ll find!

(i don’t seem to receive post-flight surveys anymore that seem to get people promos, come to think of it…)

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  1. Thanks, I’ll give it a try!

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