My Top Picks for Eurovision 2014

Malmö, 2013

Malmö, 2013

it’s that time of year again when everybody’s favorite song contest is coming ’round the mountain. i finally got a chance to listen to this year’s contestants via the official YouTube playlist and have come up with my picks.

a reminder for those unfamiliar with Eurovision — it’s an annual Europe (and then some)-wide song contest where there are country rounds (think “Idol” but it’s been around for decades before that) that send their best act to a final held in the country of the previous year’s winner. the big winner is determined by international voting, like on Idol. it’s campy and fun and something i try to watch every year.

i went last year when it was held in Malmö (two words: AMAZING TIME) but unfortunately, this year i will be in transit (according to my schedule, i will most likely be at a United Club at Newark Airport) — i’ll try my hardest to stream it. i made the decision not to go this year because last year, Denmark won and they’re holding this year’s contest in Copenhagen, literally across the bridge from where it was in 2013 and i wanted to go somewhere different. listening to these songs, though, bad decision. i wish i was going! definitely next year.

before we get to this year’s picks, let’s revisit my favorite for last year: Cascada’s “Glorious” (Germany). you probably can’t see me (heh) but i’m one of those people screaming at the top of their lungs on the right side of the screen when they pan down to her at the beginning.

and now on to this year. my top three picks are Finland‘s Softengine singing “Something Better”, Malta‘s Firelight with “Coming Home”, and Spain‘s Ruth Lorenzo and “Dancing in the Rain”.

honorable mention goes to Slovenia, Netherlands, Georgia, and Romania.

i should mention, though, that i think Israel has a really strong contender though i’m not a big fan of the song. *Stefon from SNL voice* it has it all: the English + country’s language mix, that eurodance beat, and a dramatic song (melody- and lyrics-wise) with a diva-ish singer. add in a bit more camp and you’ve got a recipe for success.

well, i wouldn’t mind if any of these countries won, but given my horrible track record of favorites, i probably just cursed them (*knock on wood*). good luck to all the participants, but especially my top three!

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  1. I hope epic sax guy makes a surprise cameo!!!

  2. What! no Austria? 🙂
    Cascada was my fave song last year as well. The band and singer had big European hits before, ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’ is a friends fave song ever! However they had a snag, some people said the Eurovision song was a plagiarised copy of Euphoria and that wouldn’t go away! I think that is what hit it 🙁

    • ohhhhh is that why it didn’t do that well? i guess they both sound very similar!!! boooo 🙁 oh well. and yeah, i loooove “Evacuate the Dancefloor”!

      haha as much as i want to support conchita wurst i just can’t say i like that song lol.

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