Exploring the Abandoned Neman Soviet Satellite Center In Lithuania

continuing my weekend of exploring abandoned Soviet operations sites in Lithuania, i went to the old Neman satellite communications center. it was pretty cool since many of the structures were still intact and you could see the satellite dish platforms on the roof of the main building.

unfortunately, a thunderstorm was rolling in and the access paths were well-covered in vegetation or i would have explored further. it’s pretty amazing, though, to see the complex on the right as you drive up the highway.

see my previous post on tips on visiting these sites. this one in particular is easily accessible via an unmaintained paved road. GPS coordinates: 54.751139, 24.106844.

as always, more pictures on Flickr.





i should also mention here that i tried to visit Linksmakalnis, also known as Lustberg, an old KGB radio intelligence center. however, it has recently been turned into a live-in substance abuse rehab clinic. i wish i were kidding, although if abandoned Soviet sites are to be given new life, i can’t say this is a bad one. i’ve updated the Wikitravel page i found this information on.


The banner says “RETURN Addiction Rehabilitation Community”. I could see some people playing basketball in the courtyard, so it’s good to see it being used.

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