Instawalk: The Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon panorama

it seems that one of the “must-dos” when in Iceland (besides trying some hákarl) is to go to The Blue Lagoon. yes, apparently there are better geothermal spas (and yes, the water is the output of a geothermal power plant) but they’re arguably harder to reach and well, this is an institution.

we got there before it opened (thanks to our rental car) and, being so early, it was relatively empty, a good thing.

some tips before the rest of the pictures:

  • the landscape on the drive down (in case you weren’t paying attention during the ride from the airport) is spectacular — those rugged lava fields are so different from anything i’ve seen.
  • try the silica mud (scoop them out of buckets in crates located by the water in one of the sections). it left my face feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom!
  • many people bring their phones out to (and into) the lagoon to take pictures with, but be careful! i tripped and fell into the water while holding mine because the ground underfoot is really uneven. luckily it was in a ziploc bag (brought from the Airbnb) but i didn’t trust myself after that. i went back and put it in the locker.
  • there are some really hot sections of the lagoon which were uncomfortable for me after a while. the coolest bits are some sectioned-off pools by the waterfall (great for a shoulder massage, btw) and massage area.
  • take a stroll along the pathway located to the left of the main entrance (facing the building). it’s a lovely series of pools that’s great when no one else is there and you have the whole area to yourself.
  • IMHO it’s a bit overpriced, especially for the size of the lagoon and the amount of time i stayed (which was about right for me, about 2 hours total), but well. whatchagonnado. (i still did have a good time and am glad i tried it out.)
  • to exit, beep your wristband at the gate. a drawer under the sensor will open; place your wristband in there. once it’s accepted, pass through.
  • UPDATE: forgot to mention, i think this was on foursquare, that you should coat your hair with the conditioner in the showers (you have to shower before entering the lagoon) because otherwise the water will wreck your hair.



Blue Lagoon beach

Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon


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